We finally have email!

May 30, 2009

I just put a letter in the mail, so hopefully you’ll get it in the next few days. It has some pretty good stuff in it! I’ve run into a bunch of friends from my ward and I also saw Preston, so it’s been pretty cool.

Haha someone just came into the laundry room with a bag and said FREE CANDY! and a ton of Elders (including me) ran over and got some. I think I’ve gained at least five pounds already. I already have to use a larger notch in my belt. They feed us unlimited food, then have us study for 12 hours a day. But I need it, otherwise I’ll die of starvation in Ecuador hahaha

We have 10 Elders in our district. Three of them are leaving in 2 weeks to go to the MTC in the Dominican Republic because they are going to Puerto Rico. The rest of us, besides the lone Elder going to Chicago South, are headed to the Ecuador Guayaquil South mission. We all are hard workers, which is great because we don’t have any “bad” missionaries. One of the Elders oversaw a note one of our teachers wrote to the other and it said that we’re the hardest working district she’s ever seen! I don’t even know how that’s true because I feel so inadequate and like there is never enough time to everything done. I got overwhelmed with planning the other night and just zoned out for 3 or 4 minutes because I didn’t want to deal with all of it haha.

The days here seem to take forever, but the weeks fly by. I can’t believe I’m already to my second Friday here. It’s so amazing and you pretty much have the Spirit with you 24/7. It’s taught me a lot about learning to listen and follow promptings from the Spirit. I’m still not that great, and I fumble around a lot because I don’t know what I’m doing while teaching lessons half the time, but we’re all learning really fast.

My Spanish is coming along pretty well. Most of the grammer and stuff is all review for me, but I’m learning a ton of new words!

Oh, my companion is way awesome. His name is Elder James Petersen from Rexburg, Idaho. He loves basketball, and unfortunately loves the Lakers, so I’m always hearing the lastest about them. I heard Kobe scored 40 points the other night! Haha, but he’s a way good basketball player. So fast. I can’t keep up with him! He has an amazing shot, and is always way exitited to play basketball.

So far this has been an awesome experience. I have a story that I’ll share with everyone next week, once I find out the epic conclusion.

I’ll bear my testimony in Spanish to close.

Sé que la Inglesia es verdadera. Testifico que tenemos un profeta en el mundo hoy, Thomas. S. Monson, y que enseña la palabra de Dios. Tengo un testimonio que Jóse Smith fue un profeta verdadera. Sé que el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios y podemos enseñarnos mucho.

Well, I’m out of time! Hope everything is going wonderfully for everyone out there!

Con amor,
Elder Sawyer