Elder Holland Tonight!!

It started as a rumor, but it was confirmed by a missionary that talked to a Church person, who accidently told him that Elder Holland was actually speaking tonight. I’m sooooo excited! My district is going and waitng outside the doors 2 hours early. We’re skipping dinner so we can get seats close to Elder Holland! AH! So excited.

This week was great! They let us play fútbol again, which is way awesome! I played goalie for about half of the game yesterday, and I had an awesome save where I dove and punched the ball away, and it gave me a pretty good scrape across my arm, which I’m hoping turns into a sweet scar! I’ve started watching what I eat now. I gained at least 8 pounds since coming here, and I want to get rid of it. I only eat salads now, but they usually have meat and stuff on them so I’m not starving myself, but I’ve decided to cut out root beer and soda completely, which helps a ton! I also am faithfully doing tons of push-ups and sit ups each day, so hopefully I can continue that trend and come home a capo (stud)!

We have a native from Mexico staying on our floor. He’s going to France and speaks perfect Spanish and English, so I’ve learned a lot by talking to him as much as I can. I’ve been so blessed with el don de lenguas (gift of tounges) here at the MTC. I’ve learned so much, and there is NO WAY I would have been able to learn this much in so little time. I’m very gratefuly that I’ve been blessed with this gift. The Elders in my district sometimes call me the “walking dictionary”. Now I just have to keep myself humble and realize it’s all from the Lord.

We have learned almost all the Spanish tenses now! Some of them are crazy and explode our heads. But it’s been good. We all decided that we want to speak soley in Spanish for the rest of the MTC time. We’re going to make little signs to hang below our name badges that say “Lo siento, no hablo inglés!” or “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English!”. I’ve been trying to do that already, but saying everything in Spanish and then translate what I tried to say into English if nobody understood me haha.

We had our first TRC (Teaching Resource Center) appointment that was completely in Spanish. It was scary and it seemed like all the Spanish I learned fell out of my head! I can speak great Spanish until it comes to the TRC teaching scenarios! But it’s ok. I will continually get better and it’ll be fine!

This week is the new mission president training seminar. We are going to get a new mission president next July, because President Johns will have finished his 3 years. I’m way excited to meet him. I’ve heard he’s incredible!

Next week, my district is going to be the oldest in our zone. It’s weird. One of us will be Zone Leader. I can’t believe how fast this time has gone! In less than four weeks I will be in Ecuador!!

Elder Petersen does not have to go home for surgery, but he will have to get it on his ankle once he gets back from his mission. Él es loco! He runs and jumps rope on it every day. He has the highest pain tolerance I’ve ever seen in anyone! I’ve learned a lot from him and will miss him once we all go to Ecuador! Hopefully I’ll see him around or that he’ll be in my zone or something.

Elder Allen has also been an awesome companion. He just got called to be the new district leader and he’s been doing an awesome job. I’m going to miss him a ton since he’s the only one in our district not going to Ecuador. I told him that he should call his mission president in Chigaco and transfer to Ecuador haha.

Three more weeks. I’m so excited! I don’t really know what else to say for today. I just can’t wait to hear Elder Holland tonight! I will take awesome notes and maybe I’ll get them copied and send them home to you! It seems like we watch one or two talks done by him every week because he’s so focused on missionary work and has an insane drive and passion for it. He’s way inspiring! I really really hope that the rumor was really confirmed haha otherwise I’ll feel stupid for building all this hype!

Con amor,
Elder Sawyer


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