Feliz día de Indepencía!

Ah! I’m so happy to hear that Austin, Braden, and Joe all got their calls! I wish Joe didn’t have to come home though. That’s no fun at all! Austin will have a fun time in SLC. It’s actually a really high baptizing mission. You’d think everyone was either Mormon or totally against the Church, but SLC has a lot of people who are ready to hear the Gospel!

I’m glad you’re starting work Mom! That will be nice to have a little more money now! Just buy a couple fireworks, like a 10 dollar pack. Just go watch someone else light them so we can save money haha. And I’m glad Tanner is working and Jake sounds like he is working his tail off. I miss Jake a ton! Tell him Hi and to shoot me a letter on Dear Elder! Also, thanks for getting that letter to Jennica, she sent me a postcard so I have her address now.

That’s cool that Tanner and Dylan are in Virginia now! I’ve met a few Elders who are going to the Richmond mission while I’ve been here.

And why are you glad I’m not going to Japan? You’d rather have me go to a third-world country where I will probably lose way more than the 12 pounds I’ve gained here in the MTC? Japan is such an awesome country and a huge economic center. I love it. (editor’s note: My neice is going on a mission to Northern Japan. After seeing the list of things she needs to get her through the humid summers and the things she needs so she won’t get frost bite during the extreme winters I’m happy Lane will only be dealing with humidity and parasites:) Speaking of politicish things, I couldn’t help but notice a Daily Universe sitting on a desk. It said that two prominant leaders of the GOP were involved in scandals this week and that Mitt Romney is quickly rising to higher leadership positions. That made me and Elder Robinson (The Elder I met in the temple) very happy. Mitt Romney wouldn’t make the best president, but he’s sure one heck of an economist and business man, which is what this country is in desperate need of right now. Maybe people will wise up and pick someone who won’t push our country further into debt in 4 years. But I’m ranting now haha I shouldn’t concern myself with politics. I just hate how our country is rapidly deteriorating. My children are going to be living in a completly different (and worse) country. Anyways!

Elder Holland came! Ah!! It was amazing. The notes I have are the best notes I’ve ever taken here at the MTC. I will try to copy them and send them home because it was an awesome talk. And then just four days later on our Tuesday devotional, Elder Lund came and gave an AWESOME talk that I will use throughout my mission. He is an incredibly smart man and he told us if we would do what he said then we would have twice as much sucess. I want to get out to the field so badly now! But alas, I still have 17 more days.

Yesterday I scored and awesome goal in soccer! I got the ball in the corner, dribbled around an Elder in my zone and shot the ball 20 yards out and it was a rocket into the upper left corner. It reminded me of the game where I had a hat-trick against Caldwell. Good times!

Yesterday I also had a way cool experience in the TRC. We went in for our teaching appointment, and the volunteer we got is from Honduras and speaks about three words of English; table, brother, and sister. So I acted as a translator for my companions the whole time. We had a plan to teach a “person” that they were going to act as. So we started teaching and doing it the way we had been planning to do it all week, but it just didn’t really feel completely right. So Elder Petersen just started talking to HER, not the fake person we were trying to teach. We just talked to her about her life and she asked us to fast for her sobrino.. sorry, I can’t remember the English word. But anyways, he turns 18 this September and she really wants him to go on a mission, but his parents are inactive and he hasn’t been to church since he was probably 9. So we were just kinda talking to her about that. Elder Allen didn’t say a word practically the whole time, and he usually talks and talks, so something was different. After, we found out that he was promted to not speak. Elder Petersen did most of the talking.. well kind of. He asked me a couple times to tell her what he was trying to say, so I got to act as a translator for a few minutes, which was the coolest thing ever. I pretty much understood everything she said. I got the main idea of it all anyways. I’m really blessed to be able to understand natives, which I thank God for every day. It was crazy, especially because she mumbled the whole time. But I translated and it was an awesome discussion. Elder Petersen promised her that if she would keep all the commandments and especially pay her tithing, she would find a job, and then I promised her that her nephew (there! I remembered the English word haha) would come back to the Gospel, wither it be 1 or 20 years. It was such an awesome experience. We really followed the Spirit in that lesson. It seems like every week we end up ditching the plan and teaching the actual person, rather than the fake situation we set up. So we’ve actually never taught the lesson that we planned to teach before, but since we follow the Spirit, we’re doing everything the write way. You have to plan, but when the Spirit tells you to do something else, YOU DO IT. No question. Elder Bednar told us a few weeks ago that if you are living righteously, every good thought or idea that comes into your mind can be considered a prompting. I’ve been trying to follow that advice. I have trouble recognizing the Spirit, but I just do whatever I feel like I’m supposed to do and it always works out, because that’s the Spirit guiding me.

I’ve also been trying to work on talking to everyone I meet. Since Elder Petersen has therapy for his ankle 3 times a week, I sit in a doctor’s office for 2 hours once or twice a week, and I made it a commitment to say hi to everyone that walks through the door. I’ve had some good conversations with complete strangers! I’ve never been able to talk to people very well in my life, so it’s crazy that I’m doing it now! But most of the people that come in are LDS, so it makes it a little easier to talk to them because they’re more interested in talking to me. But once I’m on that airplane, I’m teaching whoever I sit next to!

Well, I’m pretty much out of time. I hope you all have a great 4th of July! Everyone who reads this should write me a letter through DearElder.com! Missionaries love letters more than food (and we LOVE food, just look at my 12 pounds that I’ve gained here). Letters are pure gold, and we will love you forever if you write! I love you all!

Con amor,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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