Last Week!

I’m going to be in Ecuador in three days!! How crazy is that!? One of my goals is to have a baptismal commitment from someone by next weekend. Hopefully my trainer has an investigator that is almost ready for baptism, but if not I’m going to find someone and work really hard! We’ll see what happens haha.

So make sure to stop writing me at the MTC. I’m not there anymore. My address for Ecuador should be located on my blog. I’m too lazy to write it. Nah, I just don’t have it with me at the moment. But right to that address. The instructions for everything are there, so just follow them so that I’ll get your letter. Everyone can also use DearElder to write to my mission! That would probably be the easiest, fastest way for people to get me letters.

Anyways.. About this week.. Nothing really happened. A few things did I guess. So I’ll go through my little list that I wrote for this email!

Oh, I should be calling home on Monday inbetween my flights. So look at the times I sent last email and be ready for me to call inbetween then. I’m going to buy a cheap calling card today so that we can talk!

We got our butts kicked when we were teaching a few days ago. This is our “teaching week” where we only have two hours of class a day and the rest of the time we teach people. So we were teaching our teacher, Hermana Engerbretsen, (who is the coolest person ever and is getting married in two weeks!) and our planning sucked, so our lesson was going very badly. She even stopped us in the middle of it because we were doing so bad. I think we got too complacent with the whole “teaching by the Spirit” and we didn’t even plan at all. So now, to the pleasure of my OCD perfectionist side, we write detailed lesson plans! It makes me so happy haha. So our lessons have been going better, because we actually have a written down plan. We still follow the Spirit, but if you don’t do the planning first, the Spirit isn’t going to help you. That applies to everything. We have to put in the work to get blessings from God.

My ankle got kicked, stepped on, slid into, and twisted probably 20 times last Friday or Saturday, so it really hurts. I kept playing on it though haha because I didn’t want to miss gym. They finally opened up basketball again so that was way fun, but I was really slow on my sprained ankle haha. It still hurts but it’s okay. I have no more gym periods so it’s all good. It’ll start to heal.

I spent 5 hours in the doctor’s office on Tuesday. I think we only made it to 1 or 2 hours of class, because we always got back right at meal times. Elder Petersen’s ankle is doing better, but we’ve spent so much time in the doctors. I’ve spent an average of 3 hours a week in the docters, so 9 weeks for 3 hours; I’ve missed 27 hours of class while here at the MTC. But it’s fine, because I feel like I’ve been blessed, I’ve kept up with everyone else that didn’t miss class. Oh! I took the grammer assesment test for exiting the MTC again. I took it two weeks ago, and got a 73%, which was fine, because they want you to have between 65%-75% when you leave the MTC. I took it again this morning, just 10 days later and I improved to a 85%! So I learned more than the standart missionary learns, which makes me happy because I know I have been blessed and that I will be a more effective tool in the Lord’s hands! The gift of tongues is real. It’s so awesome!

Oh, I bought the most amazing waterbottle EVER! It was developed by a member of the missionary health council, which consists of four brethren called by the First Presidency to take care of the missionaries. One of them talked to us for our health departure meeting. This man is incredible. He developed a complete water purification system that fits inside a water bottle. It’s not just a filtration system, but a complete purification system. It’s so cool. You can stick the most germ ridden, parasite filled water in it, and it comes out completely pure. It takes out absolutely everything. The only place you can buy it is here in the MTC and through a special ordering system or something. But the Army uses it, and the Baptists buy a ton and then the LDS Church uses it, since they developed it. But it was only 50 dollars, and it was 30 after the awesome discount. So I got it, which I hope eases some of your fears about me dying from the water. But what’s even cooler is that they are developing a STRAW that has this system, so you can just use your straw at peoples’ houses. It’s incredible. They are starting to try and distribute these bottles and will have the straw finished in about a month, so that all foreign missionaries can have it. But I bought one because they said they probably won’t get them to Ecuador for a year or so. So I felt like I needed it. Hopefully I’ve justified my buying it haha.

I’m glad to hear that Mom is working, and that Pop’s little bicycle business is doing pretty well! If anyone needs their bikes fixed, take them to my dad. He’s the best! He seriously can fix everything, no matter what it is.

I’m sending home a package today or tomorrow that has all the stuff that I don’t need. I’m pretty much packing everything up today. It feels so good to start getting everything ready to go! Ah! Ecuador!!

I can’t wait to get there. I want to find and teach people so badly. Every week I feel like my testimony improves exponentially (I hate English, it’s so hard to spell. In Spanish, everything actually makes sense). The Church is true! Jesus is the Christ! We can return to live with God and live with our families forever! It’s amazing. It’s so incredible, but it’s real! Every day I feel the Spirit bear witness that this is true.

I love you all,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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