First Week!

I can’t believe I’ve already been here for a week. So crazy! My companion is Elder Willett, from Arizona. He was previously a zone leader and he’s way awesome. He love the scriptures and has an insanely powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. He’s taught me some Spanish and a lot more about how to be a missionary. I’m starting to develop a much greater love for the Book of Mormon because of him. The Book of Mormon is so powerful! I wish I had three hours a day to study it rather than just one. I never get enough time to study haha.

My area is called Las Exclusas, and is the second poorest area in the whole mission. It’s way tight. The people have nothing but they’re so charitable, and I think I’ve gained even more weight because the members feed us so much food. They don’t really eat dinner here, so we get huge lunches, and every day I feel like I’m just about to throw up because I have to pack down all the food they give me! The food here is great! We have been lucky and gotten some good stuff. We even got KFC from some of our investigators! Elder Willett said he’s only had KFC one other time in his mission, and he goes home after the next transfer. So I got lucky and got some sweet food!

All I drink is Coke and water. It’s pretty sweet, I love Coke haha. They also have some amazingly good jucies and other sodas here as well. We have a really nice apartment, and I’m going to try to send some pictures of it. Even though it’s way nice, it’s extremely dirty. Everything here in my area is filthy. It’s such a different world here, but I love it! My area is awesome and we have some sweet investigatores.

Our goal for this transfer is to have 6 baptisms, and we’re going to try way hard to make it. Two of the planned baptisms fell though and won’t happen until next transfer though, so we have to work way hard to make up for that. But we can do it. Elder Willett is awesome and he knows how to work.

My Spanish is coming along little by little. The Lord is beginning to bless me with the Gift of Interpretation of Tounges. Every day I understand the people a little more, but I still am completely lost in almost every discussion haha it’s fun.

The climate isn’t too bad. It’s hot, but nothing big. I’m pretty much used to it now because I just ignore it so it’s all good. There are so many dogs. Everywhere there is at least one dog, and half of them are sick and dying. The people live in cement houses with tin roofs and cement floors. Our house is nice because it has a cement roof. But the people are cool. There are a lot of drunks haha they like to yell “Hey Mister!” and they don’t like us.

Preaching the Gospel is hard work. We walk all day and people here don’t seem to be home whenever we have an appointment with them. So it’s a lot of walking. But being a missionary is awesome. I’m completely exuasted at the end of every day. It’s cool though. There are about 300 members on the branch’s membership roll, and only about 50 are active. People go inactive way fast here, so we work a lot with the members to find inactive, part member families so we can get them active in the church again.

We’ve had some really awesome and spiritual lessons this week, and I set baptismal dates with two investigatores! Elder Willett set one baptismal date last night as well, so it’s pretty cool. I didn’t do much to set the date though, Elder Willett taught and then I asked if they would be baptised haha. We have this awesome family, Celima and Fransisca and their two daughters, Mariuxi and Kennia who are all going to be baptised, and right now they’re pretty much the most active family in the branch. They say that they want to set and example and get the members to be better. There are a couple young men we work with and they come to help us teach lessons a lot too.

If anyone has any questions they want me to answer, get them to my parents at and they’ll send them to me! It would be helpful for me to know what I should write if I had a list of questions I could answer.

We went to the Park of the Iguanas today, but they weren’t hungry so I didn’t get one to climb on me. Maybe sometime in the next few weeks. I had McDonalds, which was soooo good. I might buy an iPod here haha, they are soo cheap and the mission office will fill it up with awesome church music! So family, let me know if that would be okay for me to buy. Elder Willett said he’d give me his speakers when he goes home if we’re together for his last change, so that would be cool.

I hope everyone is doing great! Please send my parents questions! And send me mail! Use the pouch system, it’s all explained on my blog. I don’t know what else to write, so write me with your questions!!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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