My week was pretty good! The language comes more and more each day, and we're finding some pretty good investigatores. I don't think we're going to reach our goal of 6 this change because two of our investigatores are most likely losing their baptismal date because her husband won't marry her because he doesn't want her to change religions. That's a loving husband, psh. It's really frustrating when people are stupid like that. Ah. But Celimo y Fransico and their two daughters will be baptized in the next few weeks, and we found a part member family and we're going to baptize the husband. It's pretty awesome. So I know we'll get AT LEAST 3 baptizms this change, which is pretty good. We just need to do a better job at finding.

The heat isn't bad at all, I just ignore it and it goes away, it's pretty cool. Oh, and I'm going to send lots of pictures today because I have a fast connection! You can put whatever ones you want on my blog.
Elder Willett said that the apartment we're in is the nicest one he's ever had in the mission. We didn't clean it for the pictures, and it's MUCH dirtier than it looks. It's dusty everywhere and yeah. I use the toldo (mosquito net) to keep me from dying from all the mosquito bites.

We had almost 80 show up for sacrament yesterday, which was way exciting. The branch is really working together a lot more and people are being more active and everything. Our branch president is pretty good at helping us out, and his wife is way good with working with us. There are only 5 or 6 people that have leadership positions in the branch, so we just work with them and then encourage other members to come when they can and whatnot.

We went and did service at the temple today! It was way cool. Elder Willett and I got to go inside and change a lightbulb kinda. We mostly just moved the lift around so the worker could fix it, but it was really cool to get to go inside the temple. We get to go do a sesson next week actually. The missionaries in Guayaquil get to go to the temple every other change, so you actually can go quite a lot if you are in Guayaquil!

Hope everyone is doing great! The mission is awesome. I'm so excited for the next few weeks.
Oh, and I think I'm actually gaining even more weight. The members stuff me full of rice every single day. I’m starting to look a little chubby in my pictures haha

Elder Lane D. Sawyer
Lane's bed


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