One Month in Ecuador!?

Can you believe I’ve been in Ecuador for one month already!?!? I’m going to be home before I know it. I was in the middle of writing a huge letter, and I was just about to save it just in case anything happened and then the browser shut down! I was a little upset because it was a good letter. But I’m just writing a fast version now for all to enjoy!

Here is the coolest experience I’ve had so far on the mission.

Elder Willett and I were walking last Wednesday, when all of the sudden he was hungry. Ususally we don’t eat dinner but we’re never hungry so it was a little weird. We go out to the main streen and start heading north towards a pizza stand, but then we felt like we should get salchipapas instead (hot dogs and french fries smothered in mayo and kechup). So we’re just walking down the street discussing the day when a 19 year old girl starts talking to us right behind the Church building. SHE contacted US. Sweet right? She said “I want to go to your Church.” So we were like “Yeah sweet! Let’s talk!” So we walk over near the building and start talking with her. Her name is Erica and her father just passed away three days before she contacted us. She said her father believed in God, but didn’t go to any church. She wanted to know what happened to her dad after this life so she went to a bunch of churches. The Evangelicos told her that her father went to hell. The Catholics said he was suffering in purgatory. But she said she always wanted to go to our church but has never been able to find it open, because we only have church on Sunday mornings, unlike the Evangelicos who have rock concerts every night. (Not really rock concerts though, they’re missing an electric guitar, which really makes me sad because it would sound SO much better, but they’re the wrong church either way so it doesn’t really matter does it? haha)

So we told her that her dad is in the Spirit World and explained a little bit about the Church and everything and set a cita for the next day. We taught her in the church building and showed her the movie “Juntos para siempre” I think it’s called Together Forever in English, I don’t know. We taught her where her dad was and that he was waiting for the gospel. She really liked the church building, the movie, our hyms, and the lesson.

We got to teach her again Saturday, which was a cool lesson. I taught it without Elder Willett because we went on exchanges with the members. It was only my second time doing exchanges and I had never had a lesson without Elder Willett before so I was really scared haha Especially because Erica speaks really softly so I don’t understand her much. But I was with Juan Carlos, my best friend in the ward. He’s my translator haha he translates Spanish into “Spanish Made Easy!” It’s actually really cool. I can understand him really well because he speaks slowly and clearly for me. He’s way awsome and is going on the mission soon. He’s 23 and knows Preach My Gospel forwards and backwards so he’s a real help.

Anyways, we taught Erica the first lesson and she had lots of questions and was really interested. At times I got lost on what we were talking about haha but we did in in the house of an exmisionera (returned missionary) and an awesome older member, Hermana Eva. They both helped me teach the lesson. They’re two of the strongest women in the branch so it was really helpful with them and Juan Carlos. I guess I didn’t understand super well though because aparantly she had been reading the Book of Mormon a little and felt really good about it all and I should have extened a baptism date. But it’s okay. We’re doing that Wednesday.

But it was an awesome lesson and she liked it. And she went to church the next day and really really enjoyed it. I really hope she gets baptised and that her mom and two younger brothers might listen to us too. We need to go teach them so they can have the comfort of the Gospel.

Ah, so much more happened this week, but I lost my letter. I’ll write a little bit more.

Haha I had to clean the bathroom today. That was fun. But we’re lucky because we have a nice bathroom. And the chapel has a nice bathroom too. I think our house and the church are the only nice bathrooms in all of Ecuador haha.

But I love Ecuador! I’m starting to get over my germaphobia. I can drink from the same glass as someone else now, so I’m really progressing! I still hate getting my hands dirty and not washing them as soon as possible though, so I’ll work on that next haha. I love the mission!

We’re having two baptisms Saturday and will probably have one more the next week, which is the last week of the change. We’ll end up getting 3, and our goal was 6. We would have reached our goal but some people refuse to get married. When someone isn’t married Elder Willett always asks people “How long have you been together?” and they say usually over 5 years or so. He then asks them if they love their spouse, and if they say yes he says something to the effect of “If you REALLY loved your spouse you would have been married 5 years ago.” SLAM.
But it’s our duty to call people to repentence, which is always cool, but people usually get offended because they don’t feel like accepting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. AH. Why do people reject the TRUE CHURCH. That’s why we have to find the chosen and prepared.

I love being a missionary and testifying that we have the truth. It’s the best!

Hope everything is going well in the States! Everything is awesome in Ecuador and the work is going forward!

Les amo,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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