Two baptisms!


We had two baptisms this Saturday! It was awesome! Elder Willett baptised both of the daughters. We’re still waiting for the parents to complete their goals so they can get baptized, but they will be baptized. We just have to wait for a little while. They are such an amazing family! They’re going to be a big help to the branch. The baptism was way cool. It was good to finally see the fruits of our labors. I have pictures but I forgot the cable today. I’ll send them next week.

This week turned out pretty decent as well. José Luis is going to be baptized the 19th now, and he and his wife are going to Church regularly now without us having to pick them up so that’s really cool.

Erica lost her baptism date because she didn’t go to Church because she didn’t wake up. I don’t like having church at 8 in the morning just for this reason. If I could hardly get out of bed to go to church in the morning with an active family in the Gospel, how is a 19 year old girl supposed to get up and go. We’re going to work with her this week and teach her family and get them excited for Church and everything. But she really likes the Gospel and we’re hoping she’ll be baptized fairly soon.

We found some other pretty good investigators as well, but we need to find a lot this last week of the change. I want Elder Willett to have more than four baptisms his last change.

Ecuador is still awesome! I’m understanding the people much better. I still can’t understand anything that the black people say haha but other than that I’m understanding a lot. I’m also speaking pretty well I guess. We had interviews with President Johns this week, and Hermana Johns was quizing us on our scripture memorization. She asked me to recite a scripture from the change before I got here because she had thought I had been here for two changes because I was speaking well haha.

The interview with President was awesome. He’s way cool and knows everything about the Gospel. I wish I got to talk with him more often, because he is just incredible. Maybe I will someday haha a lot of the missionaires have told me that I’m going to be the next Secretary in the office. The Secretary is always a gringo because they have to know English to call the parents of those Gringos that are going home. And since I have computer skills everyone keeps saying that I’m going to be the next one. Either me or Elder Thayne, my friend from BYU.

Also, everyone says I’m going to the Galapagos Islands. They are opening a second sector in the Galapagos so there will be two companionships there, which is way cool. The work is moving forward!

Wow I can’t believe summer break is already over for all of you! I can’t believe I’ve been on the mission for three months either. Time flies here. Two years is not enough time to save souls.

We went bowling today, which was fun but I did terrible. The only time I got a strike or a spare was when Elder Willett was taking a picture of me. He only took two pictures. Haha. But it was fun. I heard so many cheezy 80s music and stuff like that today in the mall haha like “Take on Me” and a ton of other stuff. The people in Ecuador love that music for some crazy reason haha. Everyone is always playing music here. I don’t think I’ve had a single moment of silence while in Ecuador, except for when we were in the Temple. AH. The temple here is amazing. Especially for those who live in Ecuador, because it’s just incredible. I wish we got to go more often, but it’s okay because we’re called to serve and save the living!

I’m loving the mission, and everything is going great! The only thing I wish I had was more time. More time to study and more time preach. One hour of personal study a day is not nearly enough.

Hope everything is going great and that everyone enjoyed their summer!

Les amo,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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