My First Change is OVER!

scanWow! One change over already! 15 more to go! (Not that I’m counting. My comp told me that number, he’s the one that’s trunky. haha

your son is super trunky, and well im never going home, this is elder willett, he is going to go to my house here in 6 weeks and ill see you guys in 2 years, elder willy

We’re still debating on the details of this swap.

he is going to go to college for me too cuz he is way smarter than i, haha

Anyways, this change was awesome. We had two baptisms and found some really good investigatores! We have a goal of 4 baptisms next change, and we already have two lined up two weeks from now. We’re working really hard in the sector and have been doing really well. We haven’t found A TON of new investigatores, but the ones that we found are really good.

Ah yesterday was crazy. Every prophesy that I read in the Book of Mormon was fulfilled in the sector! I read Moroni 8, which talks about infant baptism being an abomination, and a lady brought up the IMPORTANCE of infant baptism when we were talking to her. She believes that the parents are condemned if the baby isn’t baptized and dies. I wanted to whip out that scripture and give it to her haha but luckly I don’t know Spanish well enough to put in a word. She would not let Elder Willett say anything, so I had no hope in saying anything either. I also read in 2nd Nephi 28, which is a lot of prophesies about people rejecting the Restored Gospel in the last days. It says “We have the word of God, we don’t need more of the word of God, because we already have enough” (more or less) It’s in verse 37 or something I think. We talked to another lady who basically said that. In the next chapter Nephi talks about the people who say “A Bible, A Bible! We already have a Bible!” and that happened too haha.

Another lady we talked to said she was a prophet. Wooh, Elder Willett gave it to her. Full out doctrine and testimony of the restauration, how there would be many false prophets, and that we know Joseph Smith is a true prophet because “By your fruits ye shall know them”. Thing is, she didn’t even know where the Bible was written or how it was compiled, and she claimed to be a prophet. God’s never called a woman to be a prophet before, so how could you be a prophet. Slam. haha It’s so hard because everyone has hardened their hearts against the truth.

The mission is hard because of two things. Fear and Pride.
People are too pridefull to let themselves think they are wrong, and they are fearfull to exercise their faith. In reality, people don’t have much faith. They don’t exercise their faith to do what we ask. ALL that we ask people to do is trust God and ask if the Gospel is true.

OOHH. Elder Willett was awesome. The “prophet” lady said she was going to go ask her pastor if the Book of Mormon is true. Elder Willett asked if she was going to trust in the arm of the flesh, because her pastor will say it’s false, but Elder Willett will say it’s true. The only way to know is to ask God. And she said “I’m going to ask my preacher.” AH. That’s why we need to find the humble who are looking for the truth.

Anyways, something like the above stories always happens once or twice a week.

The mission is awesome. I can’t believe I’ve already finished one change. We’re working really hard with the members and having a lot of sucess. It’s so fun preaching the Gospel, but it’s also really hard because so many people reject you. But when you find the Chosen it’s amazing. That’s when miracles happen.

Erica came to church and her mom and little brother came too! We’re hoping to baptize her mom and her brothers after she gets baptized. They really liked Church and had a good time.

Hope everything is going great for everyone! Everyone has started school now haven’t they? Crazy. A year ago I started school at BYU. I swear that I was just there yesterday. Ah, time goes too fast. There isn’t enough time on the mission. That’s why I need to work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My words of advice:

Learn to love to work.
Work to love to learn.
Work to learn to love.

En verdad, the above advice has helped me soo much on the mission. Reading the Scriptures everyday is so fun. I love looking for answers to questions and learning more and more.

I love the mission! I won’t be coming home in place of my companion, because I will call him to repentence for coveting my remaining time in the mission. Don’t worry, you all won’t see me for two years!!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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