Wow! Miracles!

Wow! This week has been an amazing week, full of miracles, disappointments, and success!

First of all, BYU won? That’s an incredible miracle. I guess we’re finally humbling ourselves before the Lord and now we’re recieving the blessings. BYU’s history is very similar to the pride cycle of the Nephites in the Book of Mormon. Haha, since I linked it to the Gospel, I’m justified in talking about sports. I’m going to be punished for that haha.

One more thing about sports. This week was Ecuador vs. Colombia, so EVERYONE was outside in their Ecuador jersey and everyone was drinking, and then Ecuador lost, so everyone was really solumn for the rest of the day haha. I love Ecuador!

So on to the REAL miracles. José Luis is going to get baptized. He and his wife were fighting the last week and were thinking of splitting up, but then we taught him and told both of them to repent, read the scriptures, and pray, and this week there is such a change in them! It’s incredbile. If they can both keep living the Gospel, everything will work out great. This Gospel really has the power to change lives. I love it!

Also, something REALLY cool happened when we were teaching Erica’s mom, Fani. Erica is going to get baptized this weekend, and Fani will get baptized in another two weeks. The other two children will be baptized sometime soon after that, or even the same day as Fani if we get all the teaching done and help them get their own testimonies. Anyway, we are teaching Fani and she knows practically everything because she went to an Evangelico church for 8 years. But we have the Word of Wisdom lesson, and we teach her about the things that we should not eat or drink. When we got to coffee, she asked why we can’t drink coffee, because she drinks a little bit, and we explained that it was a revelation from a prophet and reviewed the importance of following the prophet, as well as gave her medical evidence that it is bad for your body. She said okay, and we kept teaching.

She was a little tired, so Elder Willett told her to get a drink of water to help her wake up, so she did. While she was getting water, she grabbed a pot and showed us the coffee she had just made this morning. After showing us the coffee, she tosses it out the window! AH. It was soo cool! We didn’t even challenge her to live the Word of Wisdom yet and she did it. She is progressing really well and wants to be baptised. So that was really cool.

We also had a funny moment with a contact. We started talking to this man, and all of a sudden he said “Look! Here comes my cousin! HE’S AN ASSASSIN! Go talk to him!” Hahahaha we just smiled and kept talking to him. Funny stuff these people here in Ecuador!

Haha another funny thing is that everyone waters their pavement. Don’t know why, but people are always standing outside their houses watering the street in front of them. That’s the random cultural tidbit for the week.

Haha also when we were talking about baptism with José Luis, his wife Sandra grabbed their little dog and showed him how we baptize people, using the dog as an example! It was so funny to see her bend the dog over backwards and say “This is how you’ll be baptized!” hahaha

Ah, my big sin in the mission is the television. I hate TVs. We’re not allowed to watch TV, but whenever there is a TV on, I always start watching it. It’s the hardest thing to overcome, especially when there is soccer on, because I love soccer and they always have soccer. So that’s my big sin that I am trying to overcome. It’s funny, because EVERYONE has a TV, but they don’t have the other little necesseties of life. My sector is so poor, but eveyone has a TV and speakers, because that’s all anyone does. Music and TV.

I had another AMAZING fruit this week! But it’s illegal in the States because you can make drugs out of it, just like the passion fruit I talked about earlier. Seems like all the really good fruits in the world can be used to make drugs haha. Ah, they are so good. I wish they were in the States.

Anyway, the mission is going really well. I can’t believe it’s already September. The time is going by way too fast. There is never enough time to study, to teach, and to baptize because it all goes by wayyy too fast! I’m already in my second change and it feels like a left my house yesterday.

I love the mission, I love dedicating 100% of my time to the Savior, and I love bringing souls to the true and living Church. Work with the missionaries in your wards, talk to your neighbors and prepare them to recieve the Gospel! The only baptizms we’ve had and will have are references from members (except for Erica, but she was a reference directly from God). If everyone would find a family that is ready for the Gospel, the Church would grow like crazy! Be a missionary! It’s the best thing in the world!

Hope everything is going great back in the States and everyone is safe and happy! Love you all! See you in two years!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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