¡Cómo están todos!

This week was crazy. We pretty much spent the whole time preparing for the baptism. We lost a lot of our week due to Zone Conference. But Zone Conference was awesome. I understood everything and President taught us a ton about working with the members! It was so cool and yeah. I can’t believe I’m already here for my second change! TIme flies. But yeah Conference was sweet; It’s always great to hear from President Johns!

I did some quick math this week and found out that I spend 8 months of the mission asleep, 8 months in meetings, planning, studying and getting ready every day, and only 8 months preaching the Gospel! That is not nearly enough time. The Missionary Manuel says that the time you have to dedicate to the Lord is extremely short, and it’s true!

Randomly Short Statements of the Week:
I ate Fish Head Soup.
I sat on carpet! It was soooo amazing. Even though the carpet was thin and dirty, it was incredible.
I miss carpet.
I took “The Bomb” to clear my stomach. It didn’t work.
The new Bible in Spanish is awesome.

I’ll explain “la bomba” or “The Bomb” really quick. You get it every 6 months to clean out your stomach and keep you healthy. I took it because I’ve been sick ever since I got here haha, but it didn’t work, because I’m still sick. Don’t worry, it’s not a really bad kind of sick, just that I’m not used to the food I guess, so I’m not “normal” if you get it.. so yeah haha. We’ll see what happens!

Anyways, back to what happened this week. We worked so hard this week to get José Luis and Ericka ready for the baptism. And we had the baptism Saturday. Only José Luis got baptised. We had an interesting incident that in reality shouldn’t have even happened, and Ericka didn’t get baptized. Her mom flipped out over something really small and everyone got upset and left and now we lost basically all of our investigatores, because we were teaching the whole family and they were going to get baptized. Ericka probably will still get baptized, but we don’t know about the rest of the family. So we’ll see.

We were really disanimated yesterday because of what happened, but then the Lord blessed us with 6 new investigatores in one day! So we have a program again and we think we’ll be able to reach our goal for baptisms this change. We’re animated and working hard, despite loosing our investigatores.

We went to the lighthouse today, which was really cool. After that we went and ate at McDonald’s and talked with this one guy about the Gospel in English. I don’t like preaching in English. It sounds strange and yeah haha. He was an interesting guy. He basically wants to save the world by himself, and believes that you only have to be a good person to be saved. Really intersting guy, and way extreme haha. He uses three Bibles because they are so many versions. It was an interesting chat.

After that, today we went to the Black Market. I hate being white, they make everything so expensive. I got a CD player that plays MP3s as well for 26 bucks, but it was a cheap chineese import. In the States I think you can get a nice Sony for 30 dollars. But I got a CD player now so I can listen to my Church music CDs! It’s always fun to go to the Bahía (Black Market)!

Other than that, I don’t really know what to talk about. I’m sending fotos (finally) so that’ll be good. The mission is awesome, and there is way too much to explain! Hope all is well! Keep sharing the Gospel with all your friends and family!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer<a


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