Two months in Ecuador and Four in the Mission!!

Wow. Ya tengo dos meses en Ecuador y cuatro en la misión! Loco. Esto es más rapido que quiero yo. One sixth of the way over. No me gusta.

A lot of good stuff happened this week. After basically losing our program last week, we did really well and found some people. We should have a few more baptisms this change and we’ll have some others set up for the next one too!

This week I had an interchange with the Zone Leaders and I went to their ward to work with one of them. I TOOK A HOT SHOWER!!! AH. That was amazing. Our house doesn’t have a hot shower, so I’d been showering in cold water for the past two months. The interchange was pretty cool, because I in understood pratically every single word of Spanish that people said to me! And I spoke really well too. The next day though I went back to the sector and I didn’t understand nearly as well. Haha it’s interesting. Whenever I’m just with Latins and I don’t have my gringo companion, my Spanish is a TON better. I don’t know why haha but whatever, maybe I’ll get a Spanish companion next change and then my Spanish will take off.

Oh I gave a talk in Church for the first time! That was cool. I gave a good talk, and the Branch President even had to tap my foot to tell me I need to wrap up my talk. I even had more to say haha so that was really fun.

We have a program now. We should have a few more baptisms this change. Ericka is going to get baptized this weekend. The mom feels really bad for everything that happened and it was really cool when we talked to them. They told us that they have felt weird without us visiting them the past week, and that we radiate peace. They want that peace, so we’re hoping that her whole family will listen to us again. That was really cool, and I felt the Spirit when they told us that. The thing is, we’re so used to the Spirit that we don’t always feel it, and we never recognize how strong it really is. The people who don’t have the Spirit in their lives really feel a difference when we enter and teach. It’s such a blessing to be a missionary, and to live the Gospel and be blessed with the Spirit. I love preaching and testifying and telling people they need to repent and be baptized!

Haha BYU got humbled on Saturday. I learn a lot about the pride cycle from BYU football.

Also, José Luis, who just got baptized a week or two ago, had an accident at work the other day! I forklift ran into him and hit his legs! They didn’t break, but the bones are badly bruised. We went over there and I gave my first blessing in Spanish. I was so scared but I did it and it turned out well. The Lord really protected him though, and he has recieved a lot of blessings. He’s already up walking around a little bit, and he every went to Church on Sunday! It was way cool. He read the Book of Mormon for two hours one night too and everything, and he’s going to get the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday! So we’re really happy for him and we’re hoping he keeps healing way fast.

I’ve gotten so cheap here in Ecuador haha we went to the black market again today and I bought a soccer ball to exercise with in the morning. We asked and he said it was 12 dollars, which would be a decent price for a decent ball in the States right? But I was just like “Wow that’s a lot. I was looking for one that costs 5.” The guy said “8 is the lowest I can go”, then we told him “7 or we’re going somewhere else”. So we got it for 7 bucks haha. I love Ecuador. I also got a soccer jersey for 5 bucks, a gift for my little brother, (it’s his birthday today so everyone should give him money) and a cable for my CD player. All for less than 20 dollars. It’s so fun to barter hahaha

This week was really good. Elder Willett is going home in three weeks, so we’re both really sad. I don’t want him to leave because we’re working really well in the sector, and he wants to keep working up until the day he leaves. But yeah, he’s going to have to leave and then I’ll get a new companion.

Ah General Conference is coming up! I’m so excited!! We get to listen to it in English, so it’s going to be sweet. Anyways, we’re going to go buy some food and then preach the Gospel!!

I love the mission!
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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