¡Hola de Ecuador!

This was a crazy week. Ericka didn’t get baptized. We thought she was not really wanting to get baptized because of some things that happened, so we didn’t plan anything for Saturday, but when we taught her Friday she was reading and praying and ready to get baptized! So we moved her baptism to this coming Friday. It was really cool. Yesterday she stayed at the Church after all the meetings and studied the Scriptures for 5 hours! So she really does have the desire to get baptized and yeah. It’s cool. The only thing is that she’s going to have to wait about 10 days to get the Holy Ghost because it’s conference weekend and we have to wait until we have Church to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. But she’s going to get baptized! So that’s really cool.

José Luis is getting better. He’s walking around, even though he’s not supposed to haha

What else happened this week… Ah yeah. We killed 2 mice this week. We got brooms and cornered them and Elder Willett killed them. It was sad to kill them but we had to haha.

Also, I really want a massage. One of the members has this little back massager car that you roll up your back haha so we used it for a bit and it felt sooo good. We’re so stressed out here on the mission because we’re working for people’s salvation, so it’s really stressful. My sholders always are achy because I’m so stressed haha. But I’ll learn to deal with it.

Juan Carlos, one of the members that is about to serve his mission, got all my papers wet and the picture of my family!! Haha they’re all dried now and the picture isn’t really ruined, but yeah, maybe you could send me another picture of our family picture where we are all in white shirts because that’s a good picture.

It’s hard having church at 8:00 in the morning. The members don’t even show up in time. It’s so hard to get investigatores there. But we’re working hard and we go and wake everyone up before church every week.

A dog almost bit me. I actually though it bit my butt, but Juan Carlos said it just scratched me. I think it was mad because I kicked a ball back to a group of kids that were playing and I think the dog wanted the ball. There are so many dogs here and they’re all half dead haha.

We found a bunch of new investigatores this week, so it was cool. The work is going foreward and we’re working hard. My companion goes home in two weeks, so we’re trying to do everything we can to work hard and finish his mission strong. I can’t believe I’m almost to my third change already. The mission is awesome and it’s always an adventure to follow the Spirit.

General Conference is this weekend!!!! AH. I’m so excited. Everyone should watch every section, because we get to hear directly from the prophet!! Everybody go!

Con amor,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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