5 Months Tomorrow!

P1010135Tomorrow makes five months in the mission, and three in Ecuador! It’s crazy how fast the time goes by. I feel like I just started, but I’m almost a quarter way done with my mission, which really stinks. I feel like I’m going to wake up in what feels like a month and be going home. But I’m just going to keep working hard and make the most of the short 2 years that we have as missionaries!

We got 7 people to church this week! It was way cool. We have some pretty sweet investigatores that are really interested in progressing. Elder Lopez and I had a fun week! It was really cool because I kinda feel like the Senior Companion because I’m the one that knows the sector and the investigatores. It’s really hard being a leader, because you make all the decisions and do everything. I’m glad that I still have a few more months to be junior companion so I can still learn Spanish and how to be a better missionary.

But yeah, this week flew by. I don’t even know what to write because it feels like I was just here yesterday. When did we get halfway through October? It’s really cool to get lost in the work and not even be paying attention to the time.

This week I’ve grown so much with my Spanish. It’s really sweet. I still lack a lot in terms of the accent, it’s decent, but I’m going to get it way better. But I can pretty much talk how I want with the words I want now. Also, sometimes I catch myself thinking in Spanish. I usually don’t notice what language I’m thinking in though. Now it’s all just thinking. It’s not really Spanish nor English, but just thinking haha it’s so cool. I love Spanish and love the mission.

Work with the missionaries in your wards! We love help from members. Elder Willett showed me his list of converts before he left, and pretty much every single one was from a member reference. Share the Gospel with everyone, even if you don’t think they’ll accept it!

I love the Book of Mormon. Ah. Some days I wish we could just stay at home all day and study haha because one hour of reading the Book of Mormon isn’t enough. I just got done reading about the Sons of Mosiah. They were powerful missionaries. I’m studying those chapters to look for ways that I can be a more effective missionary. Nephi was right when he said to liken all scripture unto ourselfs. You learn way more that way. Right now I’m just waiting for the conference edition of the Ensign so I can read Elder Holland’s awesome talk on the Book of Mormon.

Ah I love this work! Keep living the Gospel and always keep the end goal in site, which is eternal life!!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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