Temple Service!

Wow. Another week is already over! This week was pretty sweet because we walked a ton! We had a few days were absolutely everything failed us haha. Those days are always fun because you just walk and knock doors and then contact people when nobody answers.

We married someone this weekend!! Woo!! Haha it was cool. The marriages by the state aren’t that cool though because it’s only for this time, and not for eternity. But now he can get baptized in the next few weeks and they will be able to go to the temple in a year!

Speaking of the temple, we went to the temple for service today!! I forgot my recommend haha but they let me in to help clean anyways! (There are quite a few perks to being a missionary haha) I went into the temple without my recommend haha how crazy is that. But it was cool. We carried some boxes of detergent down to the basement and I saw a little door that leads to below the baptismal font where the oxen are, so that was sweet. After that we sorted laundry in the laundry room, where they have these monster washer and dryers! It’s pretty sweet. And the guy there let us each ask him a question about the temple, and since we were in the temple anything was free game so that was way sweet. We stayed about an hour longer just to talk to him and hear his cool stories about all the things he’s seen and felt while working and cleaning the temple at night. The temple is such an awesome place! We get to go to a session next week! It’s been a little over two months since I last went to the temple so I’m really excited! I love the temple. You always feel something special in and even just being around the temple, because it really is the house of the Lord.

¡Chúpita! I had a dream the other night that I finished my mission already. That was no fun. I was in the states and they took my plaque off and I woke up crying haha I don’t want to leave. The sad thing is I only have another 18 months left. The mission really is too short. Two years is not enough time.

Anyways, I don’t know what else to write haha shoot me a letter on Dear Elder if you all have time! I love getting letters!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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