Another Email!

Wow it’s already another week!! The mission is going by way too fast. We’re already in November. That’s practically December, which is practically 2010, which is practically May 2011 when they force me to go home. I feel like I’ve hardly started my mission but I practically have six months under my belt! It’s not fun realizing that the time goes by this fast.

Elder López and I are working hard in our sector. It’s been really fun and way good for my Spanish to have a Latin companion. He’s helped me out with my Spanish A TON. It’s sweet. I’m basically to the point where I understand practically every conversation. I don’t know all the words, but I can figure out what the other words are by context. It’s pretty sweet. I’m starting to think a lot more in Spanish too. I love Spanish! It’s way fun, even though it’s hard and frustrating sometimes haha

Anyways, this week we only had 20 members at Church when it started haha wow. There was nobody there. It’s because the Young Women had their yearly retreat thingy and a bunch of them and our leaders went. Young Women and leaders basically compose my branch so there was nobody at Church either haha. What’s even better is that it was Fast and Testimony meeting. So basically everyone there was forced to bear their testimony haha it was a fun meeting. I love being in a branch. The members are know each other really well because they all have like 3 callings. I’m lucky to be in a bigger branch though. One of my friends from the MTC got sent out to the rainforest, where the senior companion is the branch president. But branches are cool. The cool thing is, by the end of the year we’re going to be a ward! Booya!

Random fact: The word “booya” in Spanish means “noise”.

We had a sweet week in the sector. We taught like crazy! We taught practically 4 lessons every day!! I know that doesn’t sound like much, but the truth is that it’s hard to teach sometimes. People aren’t home when they say their be, and others just don’t want to listen. It always makes me sad when people tell me they aren’t interested, because they’re rejecting the one true way to obtain TRUE happiness!

My love for the Book of Mormon keeps getting bigger every day. We’re doing an activity in the mission where we read the Book of Mormon and highlight the name of Christ, his attributes, when he talks, and the doctrine that the Book of Mormon contains, and we’ll finish reading the whole Book of Mormon in 3 months. And we’re doing it in Spanish too! It’s really helped my Spanish grow, and also my knowledge of the Book of Mormon. I just finished the Book of Alma, which is my favorite book in the Book of Mormon now. Before the mission, whenever I got to Alma I thought “Oh no, not Alma.. That’s so long!!” Now I wish Alma was longer. Ah. I can’t get enough of the Book of Mormon haha. Sorry, I’ll stop rambling on about the awesomeness of the Book of Mormon.

But anyways. Our program is pressing forward. We should have 2 or 3 baptisms this change. A few people stopped listening and progressing, because they feel like we have nothing else to offer them that’s different from their Church. It’s hard when that happens. It’s just because people don’t understand the authority that is necessary to baptize and lead the true Church of Christ. We try to make that point very clear whenever we teach, but people just don’t seem to get it. My testimony of the power of the Priesthood and it’s authority grows every day as we work and testify of the guidance that our living Prophet recieves for the Church. Ah. I just love this work!! Missionary work is so hard, but SO worth it. To help people start their journey towards eternal life.. there’s nothing better.

I do sometimes miss things from home though. Like candy. Haha we just had Halloween.. They don’t really do much for Halloween here. The only thing you can get from going door to door asking for stuff is drugs. So the kids don’t go out at night haha. And the candy here in Ecuador isn’t nearly as good as the candy in the States. The candy is decent, but it’s impossible to even find a Hersey’s chocolate bar. So I got a Halloween package from my Mom with candy, and that was awesome. My mom’s the best! (Hint: Send me packages of candy!! haha)

What else is going on in my life… Really there isn’t too much exciting. Just missionary work! It’s so cool to be a missionary. There really is nothing better. We don’t have to worry about anything other than the salvation of the human family.. Not too stressful right?? Haha it’s a big task, but as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ, we’re intitled to the guidence of the Holy Ghost, which makes the work work. (It sounds better in Spanish to say that sentence haha. There is a different word for Spiritual work in spanish. Some things about Spanish are way better than English haha)

Ecuador is so cool. If anyone gets the chance to go to Ecuador, GO. It’s the center of the world! Oh yeah. The weather is starting to change. It’s November, so winter is just about to begin. And that means HEAT and RAIN. I’m not too excited for that. I do miss the snow and snowboarding terribly. But I’m excited to tell you all about my experiences in the downpours that will shortly occur. I hear that sometimes the water is up to our knees. It’s gonna be fun.

And now I’m going to comprometer… shoot. I don’t know the word in English haha. Anyways, compromise all of you to read the scriputres individually and as a family, and to pray individually and as a family as well. Every single day! Also, go to the Temple and do work for the dead. It’s the best type of service you can choose to do. Right now I’m helping the living accept the Gospel, but all of you can go help your Ancestors accept and follow the Gospel too. Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Until next week, this is Elder Lane Sawyer, tuning out.
(Can you tell I’m getting bored with my endings)



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