¡Another week ya se fue! ¡Locisimo!

This week was so hectic and funny hahaha.

First off, we got to go to the temple and do an endowment session. That was awesome. I miss the temple. We only get to go once every 3 months, and that’s if we are in Guayaquil. If you’re outside, you don’t get to go.

We also had interviews with President Johns this week! I love interviews! President Johns is so awesome. He’s helped me out a ton here in the mission.

I have a crazy story haha. Here it goes:

We have a dog, Timmy, that lives in our yard. It’s the landlord’s dog. One day, he escaped and ran away. We tried to chase after him, but we were in suits and already were late for the temple session that we were going to. So we just decided we’d look later in the day haha.. We get back and look around a few blocks near our house, and nothing. So Elder Lopez and I just go to preach. We decided to go to a part of our sector where we NEVER go, because there aren’t members over there and we never have much sucess contacting in this part. But we decided to go WAY over there today. It’s about 3 miles from our house. I decided to show Elder López the end of our sector so that he knows where it is, and much to our surprise we found Timmy!! He was running around peeing on everything and looked completely lost haha. So we catch him with our belts, which looked way strange, and later found some rope as we headed home with our lost Timmy. By the way, he’s a pit bull. So here are two missionaries walking a pit bull through the streets of Ecuador. By the way, Ecuador has about 4 dogs on every street corner. It’s way crazy. All the dogs wanted to fight with Timmy, so we had to keep throwing rocks and keeping them away from Timmy. We get Timmy home and then leave to preach again. That was a fun 3 mile walk home, being attacked by dogs and called theifs by all the drunks we passed.

We get home later that night and were extremely excited to tell the other missionaries that we found Timmy, which was an amazing miracle!! They get home, and I tell them that we found Timmy and brough him home. But then they told us that the landlord has Timmy at his house right now. Haha we were very confused. Because the dog we had brought home was Timmy! He acted exactly like Timmy, and looked just like him too. So we decided to go see the other dog. We get to the house, and there is a dog that looks like Timmy! We just started laughing our heads off. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. Because this morning we lost one pit bull, and by the end of the night we had 2!! And the thing is, they were basically IDENTICAL. We didn’t know which dog was which. Haha so we got the owner to come and he said that the dog we caught was NOT Timmy. Hahaha we all almost died laughing. We wasted an hour of time catching and stealing a stray pit bull hahaha instead of it being a miracle that we found Timmy, it was a miracle that we didn’t get attacked by the pitbull we caught!

Ah. What a funny story. But you probably had to be there haha.

Anyways. It was an awesome week with a funny story. Hope everyone is doing well and hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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