Woohoo! I’m Healed!

WOW! Another week already gone!! We have changes next week. I feel like I’m going to leave the sector, but we’ll see what happens.

This week was crazy haha. Both Elder Lopez and I were sick pretty much the entire week. So we pretty much just walked like zombies from visit to visit. I feel like a sinner because we hardly talked to anyone in the streets because we were so bent on putting one foot in front of the other to make it to the next failed visit haha.

We hardly taught at all. Maybe one or two lessons every day. But the sweet thing is that we found 14 new investigatores! I had never gotten above 7 in a week so far in my mission, so that was awesome. A few of them seem really good and will progress, so that was awesome.

We’re still trying to get people married. We’re pretty sure they will do it today or tomorrow. We’re praying they will. They have the money now so they just need to go. If they get married we’ll have 2 baptisms this week, and if not, this will be my first change without a baptism. But it’s all good. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the effort. And we’ve been working our tails off. It’s been fun being with Elder Lopez. My Spanish continues to expand like crazy! I love this language haha it’s so fun.

Anyways, I’m feeling a ton better. I finished the medicine I took for my stress. It was a muscle relaxant, so all week I had no strength in my muscles. That’s why I was sick haha it was terrible. I honestly didn’t want to work because I was so tired haha. But the medicine looks like it worked, even though it made the past week terrible. I feel good and I’m really ready to work.

I saw a Pontiac Solstice (Forgive my terrible spelling. English sucks. It’s easy to spell in Spanish because you can hear every letter in the words haha I think English is the only language where they have spelling bees. They show spelling bees on ESPN. How is that a sport?) Woohoo tangent. Anyways I saw the car right around our house. A Pontiac in the GUASMO hahaha you never see that. That was crazy. Also, the richest guy in Ecuador came walking down the road next to our house with a parade of people. It’s interesting living in the Guasmo. But it’s so cool!

It still hasn’t rained yet, so they’re shutting off the power to all of Ecuador twice a day for 4 hours each time. It really stinks. 7-11 in the morning, then 2-6 in the tarde. Afternoon I mean. But today we got a call saying they’re goning to shut it off at 7 at night, which means we aren’t allowed to preach haha President Johns called and said that our Zone can’t preach if there is no light at night because it’s the most dangerous part in all of the mission. So tonight I might not preach haha.

We went bowling today. Elder Choc, from Guatamala, lives in our house. He comes from a people that don’t even have electricity. So he’s never even seen a bowling alley! It’s crazy! But he came and just decided to watch. I tried explaining it to him, but I don’t know bowling words in Spanish hahaha. But anyways, I gave him my last frame and he got a SPARE! His first time ever touching a bowling ball and he got a spare. That was so cool haha we were all cheering for him. I have so many awesome friends here in the mission. It’s so dang fun!

I love the mission. It’s so hard but so fun at the same time. The time is going to fast. We’re already halfway through November!! What is this. I’ll be home before I know it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful life and is striving to live the Gospel! I just found a new favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon. Mormon chapter 9 is awesome. Read it, ponder it, apply it. Some days I wish I could stay home and just read the Book of Mormon. I wish I would have appreciated it more before the mission. But hey, that’s what the mission is for right? To “invite people to come unto Christ” and I add “by a silly 19 year old boy”. This mission changes lives, both of the investigatores and the missionary. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. It’s here in the mission where you really find out what you believe, and I’ve found it. Christ really is our Savior. It’s amazing that He really lives. But he does! All we have to do is our part. Just live the Gospel and you’ll be happy. That’s all that we have to do. I see so much suffering every day from the consequences of sin. I know that this Gospel is the only way to TRUE happiness. Keep on holding to the Iron Rod. That’s all we have to do. I love it!

Love you all! Hope your week is “¡super que bueno!”

Les quiero,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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