Stayin’ in El Guasmo

So I didn’t get transfered this change haha. I thought I was leaving for sure! This will make 5 and a half months in the same branch. That’s a pretty long time. That’s 4 changes. The same area for 4 changes is a long time, but not unheard of. 6 Changes in one place is really rare, 5 is seen every once in a while, and 4 is decently common. 2 or 3 is most common. But anyways, that gives me one more change to work here in the Guasmo South!! I love this place haha it’s so dangerous, and in Ecuador they are having a power crisis so they shut off the lights from 7 to 9 at night, so we have to go home early haha. It’s really hard for the missionary work.

But yeah, this last change we didn’t have any baptisms, but a few people are getting ready for the week or the next week. It’ll be sweet.

My Spanish is still coming along. People are complementing me on my Spanish, so I am getting somewhat decent.

Wow, Elder Griswold, who was in the MTC with me is TRAINING. In his 4th change. This is unheard of haha. He’s a powerful, humble missionary though, so I wasn’t too surprised. Elder Thayne from my MTC group is the new secretary for the mission as well. The others in my group are here in Guayaquil now too so it’s really cool to get to see them.

I SAW ELDER AUSTIN!!!! wooooooooo! That was so cool. He’s doing really well. His Spanish is good and he’s lost a bunch of weight. It was so awesome to see him after more than a year! He goes home in just 10 months or so. It’s crazy that he already has that much time.

Nothing too interesting happened this week, just that the light keeps going out at random times and also at the night, which makes it really hard to preach. But it’s all good. I’m doing well and we’re working hard. I’m still with Elder Lopez, but I’ll be getting a transfer at the beginning of January. But until then, I’m going to work my tail off for the little time I have here left in the Guasmo. I’m looking forward for this change and the missionary work that we are going to accomplish.

Keep living the Gospel everyone! There are so many blessings that we can recieve if we just do the simple things. Pray, read the scriputres, and go to Church. If we all do this three simple things, our testimony will stay strong and we’ll be happy in this life and the life to come. But if we don’t do these things we’ll never find the true happiness. Keep those things in mind always.

Love you all! Keep on keeping on.

Les quiero,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


One Response to Stayin’ in El Guasmo

  1. andrea whitney says:

    LANE!!! I didnt realize you were serving the same mish as my mom haha i miss you already! if you can, email me your address so i can write you

    love, andrea

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