Another Week

Wow another week already gone! And tomorrow is December. So crazy. This week was good. We set 3 baptismal dates for the 12th, and it looks like they are going to complete with the date too, so that’s sweet. We also have some sweet investigatores that we are finding. So the work is going well.

Ecuador is still really hot. I miss the snow haha; but it still hasn’t rained yet, so I haven’t had to buy boots. Apparently the water gets up to the middle of your shins when it rains. The rainboots I brought from home only cover my shoes hahaha.

Everyone has Christmas lights up and is playing Christmas music and everything. It’s really funny. I feel bad for everyone here, because they don’t get snow for Christmas! What kind of winter and Christmas doesn’t have snow!! For this, it doesn’t feel much like Christmas, so hopefully that means I won’t miss it very much.

Thanks for the example that everyone is for me! Keep on living the Gospel and recieveing the blessings from God that we get through our obedience. Sorry that I didn’t write much, but there isn’t much to write. All the weeks are blending into one day it seems haha so I can’t remember what happened during the week or anything.

Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to their December!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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