My Health Report

Hey everybody! Here’s what’s been going on in my life the past week.

I went to the office on Wednesday to recieve an IV. They gave me two bags over 24 hours. The pictures I sent were them taking the IV out, so I’ve been done with that for a while. They added a bunch of vitamins and stuff to it, and it was all to get me rehydrated. I think I’m doing a little better now. The thing is, I just feel really weak. It’s not that I don’t have energy, it’s just like that feeling that you have when your hand fell asleep and it doesn’t really hurt, but it just feels weird and you don’t have much strength when you try to close it. So I pretty much have that feeling all the time in my hands and arms, and my legs just start to get fatigued really easily. Like just 20 minutes ago we walked up three flights of stairs, which isn’t that much really, to get to the office. By the time I was up top, my legs were starting to ache. I hadn’t done hardly any walking before we went to the office, so yeah. I shouldn’t be feeling like this just from 3 flights of stairs. I was supposed to go back to the sector today, but President wants me in the office a little longer. They were out of town last week for Zone Conferences, so I didn’t get to see them or talk to them much, but they’re back and I’m going to get to talk to them today and we’ll see what we’re going to do. Also, my pain meds ran out yesterday, and I woke up with the pain I had in my back and shoulders that I had before the meds. So I still got that going on haha. I’m such a mess. But not really.. I’m just weak and have a little bit of pain. It’s not like I’m mopeing around all day or can’t do anything. I feel good emotionally and the pain isn’t that distracting (mostly because I have been with this pain for a good two months haha). So yeah. I’ve just been chillin here in the office, not walking much, but I have had to go out and preach a little bit at night, and that’s when I have to walk and when my legs start to fatigue. The past two nights my legs hurt like I had been running all day. So yeah..

Acerca de los.. About the tests, we did a blood, feces and urine test and everything came out normal. So I don’t have parasites or anything. I think my diarrhea is getting better too, so I’m not loosing so many liquids now. So we’ll see. I think I got sick because I was so stressed out, because stress weakens your immune system. So I got something, and we still don’t know what it is.. So yeah. Maybe I’ll be going back to the doctor today or something.

Also, I’m going broke here in the office haha they get like 50 more dollars every month because they have to take taxis and eat fast food every day. But I’m just a normal Elder, so I haven’t got the money to live the life of an office Elder. But it’s all good. The Elder that gives money to people is now my really good friend. He’s a Computer Science major at BYU, so we have just a few things in common haha. But the office is fun. I’ve been helping out Elder Thayne with his secretary duties. The made me input a ton of data in a new program that the Church released to keep track of all the transfers and leadership positions on the computer. Before it was all done with paper. So that’s been really boring. But yeah, I just chill here, sliding around on a chair with wheels to avoid walking. It’s so fun being couped up in the office all day.. not really. I want to go out and preach, but they don’t want to let me out, and I know my body isn’t ready either.

Love you all,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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