Hola de la oficina de la mision Guayaquil Sur!

So this week was pretty much like last week, except in some aspects worse haha. So fun. But I’m just here chilling in the office until I get better. I just went “home” to the Guasmo and packed up all my stuff and left. I’m not going back to Las Exclusas. So that was kinda sad. We drove through my sector on the way out, and I started crying haha. I didn’t realize how attached I was to that sector until I left. I loved working there. But now I’m here in the office. Here’s a little bit on what my life is like.

First, we wake up at 6:30 and then we usually fall back to sleep until 7 or so, because we were up late working in the office the night before. We get up and go sit down for another hour just dozing. Then we bathe and get ready, then sometimes we study or plan for the day, then we head up to the office. Once we get to the office we start working. I have the job of inputting all the data from all the missionaries into a new database that the Church just made, so that’s a whole lot of fun. But that’s my job. We have the Sectretary, who is my friend from BYU; there is the Financial Secretary, who was in my Book of Mormon class at BYU and we talked all the time, so that was weird finding out I knew him, and then we have the Historian who deals with all the inputting of information of baptisms into the Church data base and also writes the history of the mission, and then there is the person who does all the mail and provides things for houses and everything. We also have the two Assistants to the President, but now there is only one because a ton of people are going home 3 weeks early so that they can be home for Christmas, so one Assistant left and became a Zone leader. So we all live together in an awesome house with air conditioning. It’s sweet. I’m actually cold when I wake up in the morning. I love it.

So we all do our jobs all day. We go to the mall and eat, then come back and work some more. Then around 6 sometimes we get to leave to go preach. After preaching sometimes we come back and work some more in the office. I’m not excited for the last week of this change, because everyone is in the office all day and usually leaves around 1 or 2 at night because we have to get everything ready for the new missionaries and get the old ones sent home and everything. So yeah. I just chill here on my rolly chair rolling around to stay off my legs and try to rest. It’s pretty fun, but also frustrating because I don’t feel a ton like a missionary now because I haven’t been out in the streets much in what seems like forever.

So yeah. I’ve gotten to leave a couple times to preach. Which isn’t good for my health as I found out just two days ago. We left and got to the sector around 6 at night, and we walked and talked with people until 8, had a lesson, then headed home. At the end of about 2 hours of walking, I had a headache, felt like throwing up, and my body hurt, mostly my back, legs and knees. Two hours of walking. It shouldn’t be like that. So now they’re trying really hard to keep me in the office and out of the streets, which is what needs to happen even though I don’t like it. The thing is, I get fatigued just to walk up the 3 flights of stairs to the office. My muscles get sore in just that minute that it takes to go upstairs. Something’s wrong haha. So yeah.. I got to talk to President Johns, and they’re doing everything they can to figure this out. I had some extensive blood work done, so they’re going to review that really well. I had other exams done and they all came out clean. So right now we’re not sure what’s going on. But it’s all good. We’ll figure it out. I’m going to the doctor again on Monday, so we’ll see. But we have the Church offices in Bogota, Colombia working on this too. The area medical advisor for the Area South America Northwest is also reviewing my stuff, and they’re talking with Salt Lake to try to figure it out. I think they’re looking at the health of all the missionaries that had Swine Flu in the MTC to find any links to that. So that’s what the mission and the Church are doing for me. It’s pretty cool to know.

I’ve also been scared that I’ll have to come home if we don’t figure this out. But President Johns told me the process for sending missionaries home for medical reasons is really long and they haven’t even thought about even thinking about starting it. So that’s not even close to an option right now. So that helped my fears go away. The process to go home for a medical reason is insane. Here are the people who have to approve it. President Johns, his medical advisor, the area medical advisor, and finally a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. So it’s a pretty big thing. So pretty much for sure they are just going to try to treat me here and then I’ll get better. So no worries haha the only way I’m coming home for this is basically if I’m dying and they can’t figure out what’s wrong haha.

So basically I’m just a little extra helper that can accompany the missionaries anywhere they need to go, which helps everyone get their jobs done much faster and efficiently. So it’s not like I’m being completely useless. And it’s fun to get to know the staff of the office and especially the assistants to the President. It’s funny to see them all the time and realize they’re just like us regular missionaries, and not some kind of super missionaries that are insanely awesome. They’re just like us, but they just have responsibilities that the rest of us don’t. So that’s fun to live here in the office. We always are hungry though because we don’t have much money. You’d think the office would be loaded because they can just ask for more money from the financiero, but they can’t because it’s the Lord’s money so we can’t be living the high life and be loaded. We just have to be poor like every other missionary haha

So I got kicked off the computer because the nurses wanted to use their laptop haha, so I lost my train of thought. But yeah.. There isn’t much else going on here except people are all getting switched around midway through the change because so many people are leaving a few weeks early for Christmas, so that’s fun.

Also, remember to send green sticker packages when you send stuff. Don’t ask for it to get there faster, because that makes it get there slower. Haha it means I have to go pick it up in person and pay for it. So it’s cheaper and faster to use the cheaper and slower service. That makes no sense, but yeah. Just keep packages light and send them as slow as possible. Thanks!

Maybe I’ll write more later today. It’s the birthday of an Elder here in the office so we might be going to Chiles to eat, or some other sweet restaurant that I haven’t been to in forever because I’ve been in the Guasmo where there are shootings and death and no American food. Haha. Love the office, but I’m anxious to get healed and get back out into the sector!

Hope everyone is having a lovely December! It’ll be Christmas by the next time I write, so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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