From Rags to Riches

Happy New Years!!

Wow. So basically the people of Ecuador are INSANE when it comes to New Years haha it’s so awesome, except I was up north in the stupid office house so I didn’t get to see the craziest part. I’ve heard the craziest stuff happens in the Guasmo, so I was really sad that I wasn’t there, because I used to be there haha. But anyways, here in Ecuador, they make these paper mache dolls and then they burn them. I will try to find some pictures of them and send them, but I don’t have any personally because I was stuck here in the office all the time and didn’t really get any chance to leave and take pictures. It’s insane. They build some that are 3 stories high. There is an AWESOME Iron Man and Optimus Prime. I’ll try to send those pictures because they are wicked sweet.

So they burn the dolls and light fireworks. I was soo sad that I wasn’t in the Guasmo. Because where we were, which is right behind a hospital where basically nobody lives, it sounded like a war zone. It was insane. At midnight there were just explosions going off and it was crazy. We couldn’t see anything from our house because we’re in a really dumb position where the community is nice and safe and nobody does the stupid, yet awesome, burnings. So it was a little lame, but really cool because I felt like we were in a war. I took one or two videos of a small doll being burned in front of our house, so we’ll see if I can get that sent.

So that was basically all I did for new years. Just watch and listen to all of Guayaquil burning and blowing stuff up. I’m really really hoping that I’ll be in Guayaquil for next year, but there is a good chance that I won’t be, because I haven’t gotten out of Guayaquil yet and they won’t be sending me out for another 6 months or so.

Also, last night a drunk came up to me and all of sudden stuck his arm out and smeared blood on me haha. He was bleeding and was going around smearing blood on everyone apparently. He got one of my companions too. So here is a picture of my shirt stained with the blood of a drunk. That was really interesting. Drunks are so sad.. Alcohol ruins lives. Good thing we have the Word of Wisdom and are so blessed to avoid all of the drugs and alcohol and smoking that’s out there. But yeah, that was something new. Luckly, I got the blood out haha.

And now lets roll the drums…………………………………………….

I’m leaving the office!! Woohoo!!!! I just found out my change a few days ago. And I actually just got changed yesterday too haha but yeah. They’re done moving me around. I will be going to Centenario, which is the richest sector in all of Guayaquil. So I’m basically going from the poorest part to the richest part. From rags to riches. There are professional tennis and soccer players that live in my sector, a ton of government officals and it’s just insanely rich. The crazy part is that is where Elder Petersen is right now, my companion from the MTC. But I’m taking his place, and he gets to go work in Cuenca, which I don’t know if I’ve talked about yet. Cuenca is hardcore catholic, but it’s soo pretty and it’s COLD! Kind of. You need a small blanket to sleep at night. So not that cold. But yeah, he’s lucky because he gets to go out there. And Cuenca is really clean. You can drink straight from the tap! It’s incredible!! Haha here in Guayaquil the tap water is so dirty. There are all these parasites and stuff floating around in it. But anyways. I will be with Elder Delgado, who I already know. He had tuberculosis for 2 months while in the mission and was forced to stay in the house for a long time. So he knows what it’s like to be sick, and that’s one reason why they put me with him, so I could have someone really supportive and helpful. Elder Delgado went to BYU, so he knows English but Elder Petersen told me that he’s lost a lot of it. He’s from Peru and he’s a good companion. Elder Petersen really loved his sector and Elder Delgado, so I’m really excited to pick up where he left off and get to work. So this Monday I’m leaving. It’s funny because I know all the changes of everybody since I’m here in the office. Nobody else will know until Monday when we’re all in the terminal getting our new assignment. But that’s where I’m going. To the richest part of the mission. I’m excited!

Other than New Years and finding out my change 3 days early, nothing very exciting happened. I just hung out here at the office doing odd jobs for people and resting. I’m feeling much stronger and there is a whole lot less pain in my body so I’m actually able to go out and preach and not feel like dying haha.

It’s really boring here in the office. I’m glad I don’t have to stay here for 8 months like some of them do. I’m so ready to get out.

Also, I only have 4 more changes with President Johns, and then he goes home!! I’m sad. I’ll have a little over a year with him, and the rest of the time with our new president. So it’s not THAT bad. It’ll just be interesting to see all the changes that happen in the mission.

Hope everyone is having an amazing 2010 and has set a ton of awesome goals that you are (hopefully) going to complete! I can’t believe we’re already to 2010. So weird. I’m so old. I was born in the 80’s! (even though it was just 3 months before the 90’s, but what does that matter?) That means I’ve lived in 4 decades and I’m 20 years old. Haha cool.

Anyways, I’m just kind of rambling now. I’m going to send pictures and videos that hopefully can be posted on my blog. Happy New Year everyone! (And a good goal for all of you is to send letters to me at least once a month haha and packages at least twice a year. Nah haha just playin’).

Love you all!
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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