My New Sector

Hey everybody!

I don’t remember if I said that I got my sector changed the other day before we had changes. I got the change Saturday, so I probably said so. But if not then yeah, President changed my sector after a day of thinking about some things. Anyways…

I’m back to having P-Day on Monday since I’m finally out of the office and in my own sector! I’m in Centenario, which is the richest sector that we have here in Guayaquil, and it really is way rich. We have the governer of Guayaquil in our sector and some professional sports players. It’s pretty cool.

And Elder Delgado is sweet as well. He’s from Peru, but went to BYU-Provo so he knows English. We still only are going to speak in Spanish though. He’s a good worker and knows the sector. We have some good investigatores too that are progressing so we’ll have some baptisms coming up here in a few weeks.

Right now I feel pretty well. Just my legs hurt from doing about 4 hours of preach Sunday night. So I’m really going to have to take it easy for the next while until I start feeling 100%, which is a little frustrating for me. I just want to go out and preach all day, but it just kills my legs to do that. So we’ll see how it goes. That’s pretty much my goal for this change, to get feeling 100% so that I can be an effective missionary. Luckly, we have some members that live close to the house, as well as some investigatores, and our house is in our sector, so that’s nice as well. The sector is pretty big though, but there are a bunch of buses that run through the middle and there is the Metrovia as well, so we can go around with bus if we need to.

The house is pretty cool. It’s pretty small, but it’s not too run down. I sleep on the mattress on the floor, because there isn’t a bed frame for me haha. I have yet to sleep there though, so I don’t know how the heat or mosquitos are yet. I do have a closet though. That is way nice, because I had to live completely out of my suitcase these first 6 months here in Ecuador. So I can actually get everything hung up and that makes me happy. I still only have like 3 hours here in the sector though, so I don’t know any of the members or anything. I got a haircut today though, so I know the old lady who cuts our hair for $1.50, which is 50 cents more than I wanted to pay. Everything is cheaper in the Guasmo. Here everyone is rich so they jack the prices up like crazy. Like here in this cyber I have to pay 70 cents just to use the internet for an hour. It was only like 40 or 45 back in my old sector. I’m sure the bread will be way expensive too. Haha I’ve become soooo cheap here in Ecuador.

But anyways, I don’t have much to write today since I know absolutely nothing about my new sector. It will be nice to be in a ward now. There are about 100 people that come to church, so that’s nice. Much better than the 50 I had back in my first sector. It’s so weird that I’m moving on to a new sector. In just two weeks or so I’m going to have 8 months here in the mission. Crazy huh. Time flies.

Anyways.. I don’t have anything else to say.

Hope everyone is doing well and that you’re all having an awesome 2010. I will be in Ecuador for the entirety of this year. That’s crazy. I’m excited haha.

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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