Hello everybody!

This week flew by. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through January already haha.

So Elder Delgado and I are doing awesome. I’m getting to know the sector and some of the members and it’s going really well. We’ve also found some really good investigatores and a good family. We should have 4 baptisms this change, so I’m way way excited! We found a family that just moved here from Peru, and Elder Delgado is from Peru, and then we took them to the house of a family in the ward that is from Peru.

So everyone is just having a blast being Peruvian haha but what’s important is that the family now has a social base with the Church members and they came to church without anyone passing by or anything. So that was cool. The dad is a less active, who got baptized when he was 12 and then never went back to church. So we’re going to try to baptize his wife and his 8 year old son and then activate him. The ward says this is the first family of investigadors that they’ve had in 3 years.

Unfortunatley, practically all of the baptisms that this ward has had for a long time have been kids, and they’re pretty much all inactive now. So the ward doesn’t trust the missionaries. The missionaries that were here before Elder Petersen (my companion in the MTC), Elder Delgado and I were all really disobedient, so the ward pretty much doesn’t trust in us at all. We have a few good friends, but the rest don’t want anything to do with us. We even have the Stake President in our sector and he doesn’t want to talk with us.

So now I know why I’m here. I learned a lot from Elder Willett, my trainer, about building trust with the members. So I’m going to put that knowledge to work and get the trust of ALL the members. If we do that, the work will go so much better. So I just pray that I’ll be staying here for 6 months so I can get to work. I don’t know if they’re just thinking of keeping me here for 1 change or what, but I hope I don’t leave. It’s going to be really challenging to get the trust of the ward, and I know that it still won’t all be fixed by the time I leave if I am here for 6 months, but I just want to get it started. So I’m excited haha because I know why I got put here in this sector.

If any returned missionaries have any good sugestions for gaining the trust of members, let me know.

And my health is doing well. I’m working every day now and I feel good. Sometimes I get really tired, but I take a quick nap and I’m good to go. So I’m really happy to be out working and feeling good. I’m way excited for this change and for this area. It will be way fun and hard haha but that’s the way I like it.

Elder Delgado has an awesome way to get people to listen to our message. If we do a contact and find out that they’re really catholic and active, we talk about Family History. Sometimes they invite us in for a lesson and we talk about the family history center and how they can research their ancestors completely free and print everything off for free and everything. There is a part of Preach My Gospel that talks about using family history to find new people and I never really read it much haha but our building here in the sector is a family history center, so we use it a lot and help people find their ancestors, and then we come in with the purpose of family history work and the Restauration of the Gospel. It’s way tight because it gets you in the door of people who otherwise would just slam it in your face. So we’re finding a bunch of new investigatores that way and it gives them a chance to feel the Spirit that is with us and makes them more receptive to the Gospel. So that’s really fun to do. I love working with Elder Delgado and I’m learning a bunch of Spanish, because he is fluent in English and knows the words when I ask him. It’s a huge sector that has a lot of potential. So I’m excited to be here and to work hard and have success.

It’s started to rain a ton now. Luckly, I’m in a rich and developed part of Guayaquil so the streets don’t flood. In my first sector, they’re walking around with water up to their knees because there is no drainage system. But it rains pretty much every day now, and it rains HARD. It’s pretty cool. Elder Delgado has holes in his shoes though. But luckly I have some rubber shoe covers that he can use to keep the water out. But the thing is that they are HUGE and he looks like a clown haha. Because latins don’t have big feet. And I do. So it’s funny to see him walking around with huge feet. He’s way cool. He went to BYU-Provo, but now has to go to BYU-Hawaii when he gets home, but then he’s going to transfer back to Provo. So I’ll see him when I get home! He’s going to go home in Elder Austin’s group, and they leave this July. Crazy that Elder Austin is almost going home. We’re in the same Zone so we see each other a few times a week, which is way cool. He’s District Leader haha so that’s really cool. He’s doing well and it’s really fun to talk to him in Spanish. It will be even more fun to have Spanish-only parties once everyone gets home from their mission hahaha.

Anyways, I don’t really have anything else to write.
Hope everyone is doing awesome and are enjoying the year 2010!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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