Another Week and a Letter Full of Macheties!

Wow, another week has already gone by. We’re more than halfway through January now! Chuso. I’m going to be home before I know it. I hate thinking that I’ll have to come home some day. The mission is awesome, even though it’s really hard.

My health is doing really well. I’m feeling good, and I just have an occasional day during the week where I’m completely exausted and have to sleep for a few hours haha. The worst part of my sickness is definately over.

In total, I was really sick and feeling bad for one-forth of my mission haha I just realized that the other day. That’s rough. But I’m doing well now.

This week was really good. We had Zone Conference and President Johns talked about the importance of the Great Apostasy. Because without a worldwide apostasy, there would be no need for a restoration of the truth. So that was really cool and Elder Delgado and I have been working on improving the clarity and power of how we teach the Great Apostasy during the first lesson.

We had a really awesome week up until Sunday haha. Nobody came to Church, even though we had talked with everyone and they said they were coming and everything. We should’ve had 7 at Church, and only one came. But the one that came looks like he can progress and get baptized. He’s a 12 year old son of a less active returned missionary that got married to a Catholic. Chuso. I pray that I’ll never go inactive and that I’ll be able to raise my kids in the Gospel. His kids got a Catholic baptizm when they were a baby. What apostasy no? He KNOWS the truth, and he has the power to give a proper baptism. It’s crazy to think that he has fallen so far.. We found out he knew Sister Johns because they were in the mission together. So we might bring her to say hi to him and get him active again. It’s sad, because we go to teach his kids so they can get baptized and so he can get activated, and they don’t even know how to pray, and you can just see the embarrasment and pain on his face because he knows he didn’t do his part. Anyways, the point of that story is that we’re probably going to baptize his two kids, even though I hate baptizing kids because they don’t stay active. We’re going to get him active, baptize his kids, and then work with the wife to get her to stop being so thick headed and give the true Gospel a chance. Sorry if there are any Catholics reading this hahaha I don’t mean to offend. It’s just that you don’t have the truth, plain and simple 🙂 So yeah.

The history of the missonaries in this ward is not very pretty. Of the last 20 or 30 baptisms, all but 4 or 5 were kids under the age of 15, and only about 2 of this kids are active. That’s why I don’t like baptising kids. Any missionary can go and baptise 3 or 4 kids every month if they want. But the point is to find families. Future priesthood holders. Future leaders of the Church. That’s what this work is about. It’s about RETENTION. Because if they don’t stay, what’s the good of a baptism? Enduring to the End is the most important stage of our life, and unfortunately, it’s where the most people fail. I was thinking about the parable of the 10 Virgins. This is a parable about the Church. Not about the world, not about ALL the christian churches, but a parable about the one true church. Half of the members of The Church are not going to make it. It’s sad isn’t it? We need to do all we can to keep ourselves on the path, and then to help other people stay there too.

As Elder Holland always says, “Salvation is not a cheap experience.” It’s hard. And that’s why so many people fail, because the natural man is lazy and pathetic and don’t like to do hard things. So we have to help everyone towards salvation. But we have to remember that everyone has to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. Salvation is a personal responsability.

I don’t know why I went off on that little tangant haha but it’s just what I was thinking. It’s so hard to see all these inactive members that we try to visit and try to help and we try to complete their families through baptism so that they can go through the temple together and be an eternal family.. and it’s so hard when they don’t want it.

That’s what makes the mission hard. We’re working to help people find salvation, and they just don’t want it, due to the teachings of malicious priests who preach anti-mormon doctrine instead of the doctrine of Christ.

There are a lot of Jehovas Witnesses here, and there is this one lady who always answers the door of a family that we’re trying to find and she always says “They’re not here” and then we go call them and they are there. Such hypocracy. I love how people don’t live like Christ, but call themselves Christians. I’m not saying that the Saints are perfect either. But at least we try.

Chuso haha I’m just going off on rants today aren’t I. I really hope I don’t offend anyone or sound like I hate any of these people or groups. I just get frustrated because people are so blinded by lies.

But that’s why we find by the Spirit, so those who aren’t so blinded can find the truth.

I should probably stop writing haha.

I love this work, and that is why I am getting so emotional about it haha. Anyways. I hope you all find yourselves well and are living the Gospel and recieveing the blessings that God wants to give you. Love you all and hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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