¿Qué tal?

This week was interesting. We dropped all of our investigatores and are going to start from scratch this week. Our members haven’t been helping us, the ward mission leader doesn’t even show up to church, and after a month here, I don’t even know the ward missionaries. So none of our investigatores have progressed because they don’t have the fellowshipping that they need because our ward doesn’t care about missionary work. So we tossed everyone, including a few that had baptismal dates. They just don’t want to progress. One didn’t come to church because her dog was sick and she was scared it was going to throw up on the couch. That’s a pathetically lame excuse. Just tie the dog to something that’s not the couch and go to church, and when you get back nothing would have happened to your couch! Haha ugh. I’ve heard so many excuses from people why they can’t come to church that I’m just sick of it. It’s not hard to give 3 hours of your week to the Lord. There are 168 hours in a week, and we’re awake for about 100 of those hours. That’s only 3% of our time where we have to go to Church to worship the Lord. There is time to get everything done so they can go to church but they just don’t want to haha. Ugh. So we dropped her, even though she’s a way way awsome person. She’ll be ready for the missionaries in another year, and she has the potential to be an awesome member. But we did our part. We planted the seeds.

The other progressing investigator that we left was the son of a less active returned missionary. We left him because the dad doesn’t want us to “influence” his son by extending commentments (asking them to pray and read and obey the commandments) and then verifying to see if they did them. He called this a “game” and that we’re to play by his “rules” hahaha this guy. He’s asking us to not preach the way the prophet wants us to preach. He always talks about his mission and how the leaders of his mission weren’t any good and that he should have been the leader. He’s not even active in the church, yet talks this way. He didn’t teach his kids the Gospel so that they could accept it for themselves when they were older. He’s just messed up and prideful. So we’re not going to change our way of teaching to please him, so we just dropped them. It’s sad but yeah, we’re not going to help his son be converted if we can’t do what we’re supposed to do.

So that’s why we dropped everyone hahaha so yeah. This week we’re starting anew. We made some awesome plans to start getting the ward to actually work with us and we’re going to try it out and see how it goes. If this doesn’t work, I’m scared they are going to close the sector. Yesterday after we did our numbers I thought that they might close the sector, and then when my companion was talking to the Zone Leaders they said they might end up closing our sector haha.. But that’s what happens when the wards don’t use their missionaries. We’re trying to work with them, but nobody will come to visits with us, nobody sits with the investigatores, and nobody wants to help. Chuzo haha sorry if I sound like I’m complaining. I’m just telling it how it is. Honestly, it’s a really good ward. It’s strong and has good members, but they’re just too rich haha. They don’t believe that their rich neighbors will want to accept the Gospel. So they just don’t try and they leave us without help. But yeah. We’ll see what happens. We won’t have any baptisms this change, but we’re going to pass our goal as a district. And it’s been good because Elder Delgado and I have played a part in 2 or 3 of those baptisms. So we’re seeing sucesses, just not in our ward haha But these next two weeks is when we’re going to work our tails off to keep this sector open, because we don’t want it to be closed.

That was basically my week. My health is doing really well so don’t worry about me. Right now we’re just trying to find new people on our own. And we’re finding. We found 13 last week, it’s just that generally, references from members are the people who get baptized. Every single baptism that I’ve had here in the mission is a reference from a member. So remember that. Give your missionaries references! We love references. Or referrals I think that’s what they’re actually called in English. Prepare your neighbors for the Gospel and you’ll see miracles! This work is so hard, but it’s so worth it!

Anyways. I hope my letters don’t sound too critical or cynical. I just tell it how it is. Thanks for reading, and send me letters! DearElder.com!! It’s so easy and it makes me oh so happy!

Love you all,
Elder Lane D. Sawyer


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